In practice for over 40 years and now backed by many studies all over the world is treatment called Ortho-K or Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS), which slows the progression of myopia significantly.

Safe, non-invasive, and reversible, it is a system of hard contact lenses designed specifically for the patients unique eyes to be worn overnight, much like retainers for the teeth.

The overnight wear of these ‘molds’ reshapes the cornea in a gentle way.

This has two main benefits:

1) It corrects the patient’s vision back to normal during the day, when they take these lenses out in the morning, restoring their quality of life free of glasses and contacts.

2) It controls the progression of myopia from getting into the high numbers, where it’s dangerous for the patient’s eyes.

Not everyone is a candidate for GVSS and depends on a lot of factors that will be determined during consultation.

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